BT Sign Brewery Map

417 SW 37th St.
Topeka, KS

Hours of Operation
Sunday - Thursday
Friday - Saturday

Thanksgiving and Christmas day






Blind Tiger offers an array of hand crafted ales! There are usually nine beers on tap and four of the nine are original Blind Tiger Recipes. Our brewery equipment is located throughout the restaurant, with our fermentation tanks looming at the front of the dining area. For our most popular brew a 1750 gallon tank. There are four other 14 barrel fermentation tanks. These tanks have not been encased in glass which allows our patrons to visit with our brewers as they check the progress of each tank. While pulling a pitcher of beer this way isn't as easy, it is much more fun for our guests. Our brew kettle and mash tun are in the brew house, located on a lower level from the fermentation tanks. The brew house is open at the top and surrounded in glass. This way our guests can observe the day to day operations in the brewery while waiting for their table on main levels. When our brewers are working in the tanks they are almost eye level to the guests looking down! On this same level, 10 seven barrel finishing tanks are stored which contain the filtered beer after the fermentation process.The Blind Tiger produces over 1000 barrels per year, while brewing takes place three to four times per week. The Blind Tiger enjoys limited distribution in Topeka, Lawrence, Wichita and Kansas City areas. For detailed descriptions about our house specialites, follow our Hand Crafted Ales!