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Yeah, we've got a Brewmaster and yeah, we're crazy about beer.  But you'll never hear us utter a bad word about an exciting cocktail before a meal or a smooth drink to cap off the night.

Grilled Lime Margaritas

Grilled limes, freshly squeezed, shaken with Milagro Silver tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur and Agave Nectar.


Gin and vermouth, shaken (007) or stirred (civilian), finished with an olive or a lemon twist.


Traditional Cuban highball with simple syrup, lime juice, white rum, sparkling water and mint.


Mexican cocktail featuring tequila, fruit juices and liqeurs, served frozen or on-the-rocks.

Mixed Drinks

Take Liquor. Add not-liquor. If you're looking for a drink that never goes wrong, you'll find it here.

Specialty Cocktails

Sangrias, seasonal spirits and signature cocktails. Dare us to surprise you.

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