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Flagship Beers
County Seat Wheat

The lightest of our flagship beers, it is light-bodied, straw gold in color with bitterness and a slightly dry finish.


Raspberry Wheat

The same beer as our County Seat Wheat except we've added an all natural raspberry extract. This beer has both a raspberry flavor AND aroma.


Tiger Bite IPA

Midwest Style IPA's tend to have more malt flavor and sweetness than the drier East Coast IPA's, but less hop bitterness than West Coast offerings. The hop flavor and aroma are in abundance and usually favor the old school hop varieties such as the C-hops; Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook. The yeast is most often a clean American variety or an English strain that's not too fruity.

Raw Wheat

This is our unfiltered wheat beer with yeast still in the beer. It is straw gold in color with a crisp and refreshing profile.


Holy Grail Pale Ale

This light copper-colored ale has a floral aroma from dry hopping, medium-high bitterness, medium body and finishes slightly malty.


Tiger Paw Porter

A dark, deep brown with ruby highlights, coffee flavor up front followed by a chocolate finish, low hop aroma, and low bitterness.


Seasonal & Specialty
Top Gun IPA

This IPA employs an indecent amount of Amarillo & Simcoe hops. We named this brew after the Top Gun fighter pilot school in Miramar, CA. The color is reminiscent of a San Diego Sunset and the body is lighter and dryer than our Tiger Bite IPA. Dry hopped to perfection.



This beer is gold in color, very malty, full-bodied and has an increased hopping rate over the rest of our brews. Traditionally brewed for a May release date.


Beer to Go

Take our selection of Craft Beer home with you!

Growlers & Squealers
  • New Half Gal Growler

  • Refill Half Gal Growler

  • New Quart Squealer

  • Refill Quart Squealer

  • Some specialty beers are a little more

  • Growlers available Sundays until 7:00 pm

  • Call for pricing

  • 1/6th barrel (5.167 gallon) keg

  • 1/2 barrel, full keg (15.5 gallon) keg

  • We request 48 hours notice please

  • Keg Deposit $100

  • Deposit returned upon inspection of equipment

  • Subject to availability of product

  • Call for pricing

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