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Our Steaks are 100% Kansas Beef

 Partnering with E3 Meat Co., Fort Scott, Kansas

Farm-to-Table, Pasture-to-Plate, Field-to-Fork - Exclusive in Topeka!

  • Raised, Grazed, and Finished in Kansas

  • Never Ever - No Steroids, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotics, Ever!

  • Sustainably and Responsibly Raised

  • Room-to-Roam Certified

  • Humanely Treated

  • Grass Fed (Natural Prairie Grass)

  • Grain Finished (Custom Formula)

  • Top End of USDA Choice and Above!

  • 100% Angus Genetics! (Black & Red Angus)

  • Family Owned & Operated Kansas Ranches

  • Never Frozen

  • 30 Days Wet-Aged

  • All Natural

  • Hand-Cut Daily In-House

  • Char-Grilled to Order

"The Great Plains of Kansas, with our Native Prairie Grasses, have nourished centuries of livestock and made Kansas Beef legendary.  At the E3 Ranch we graze our all-Angus Beef on these natural prairie grasses:  Switchgrass, Little Blue Stem, Big Blue Stem, Purpletop, Eastern Gramma, and Sideoats.  All are part of the ancient Prairie Ecosystem."

"Although not always called E3, the ranch has been in our family for six generations.  We are proud to raise the healthiest NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) beef.  E3 Beef is more than a steak.  The E3 Ranch Foundation gives back to human-trafficking victims and veterans.  At the E3 Ranch we didn't imagine how God would turn raising healthy beef into a vision for serving others."                  

-  Adam LaRoche, Co-Owner, E3 Ranch Co., Fort Scott, Kansas

E3 Meat Co. partners with small family ranchers who have the same love for our country and want to raise the highest quality cattle without added hormones and antibiotics.  Using the E3 Ranch as a blueprint, we are excited to work with small family ranches and tell their story.


"God said, 'I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the fields, milk cows again, eat supper, and then go to town and stay past midnight at a school board meeting.' So God made a farmer."           - Paul Harvey, 1978


“I come from Kansas.  We’re steak and potato boys.  I grew up on meat.”    - Gary Woodland

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