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The Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant 2015

Pils vom Fass

Black Walnut Wit

Raw Wheat

Our Gold Medal American style unfiltered wheat beer.  Why can’t I see through this beer?  We leave our amazing gravity defying yeast in this brew which adds to its smooth character.  Raw wheat is an easy step into the world of Hand-Crafted Beer.

County Seat Wheat

Our 2009 Gold & 2010 Bronze Medal Winner!

A shining example of American Style Wheat Beer.

It’s clearly a filtered version of our Raw Wheat Beer. 

A little hoppier and a bit drier on the finish.   

Raspberry Wheat

One of our best sellers. 

We add all-natural raspberry extract and a touch of honey to our CSW to make this berry brew.  Now you can put down the White Zin and grab a pint of berrylicious.

Apricot Wheat

Peach Schmeach Wheat Beer

Peach Schmeach Wheat Beer 4.6% ABV, 14 IBUs Someone said why don’t you make a Peach beer? And I say, “Peach Schmeach, who needs another fruit beer?” Well whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. So eat a Peach!
Feel the tickle of that peach fuzz on your lip with every sip. The heady aroma of sweet peach nectar sends your thoughts back to those days of running naked through the orchard.

Tijuana Taxi Ride

Tijuana Taxi Ride is a Mexican Style Vienna Lager. European immigrants brought lager style brewing to Mexico in the late 19th century.  Using some local corn in the malt bill they made a light bodied, easy drinking brew.

We use Tennessee dent corn malted by Riverbend Malting.

Smoked Helles

This is the fifth beer in my Germany beer trip series. We took a train through the Hallertau hop growing region, where the bines were heavy with ripe cones, to the old city of Bamberg, in search of their famous Rauchbier (smoked beer). As the name implies, this beer tastes like smoke. That’s because the malt has been smoked with Beech wood. Some malt is smoked with peat, although it’s used mainly for the production of Scotch, it’s found in some beer too. Other woods include Apple, Cherry, Oak, and even Mesquite.

We chose Beech wood for its sweet character. Our Bamberger Rauchmalt is produced by the 140 year old Weyermann Malting Company located in Bamberg, Germany. Prost! John Dean, Brewmaster.


Silver Award Winner! 2014 World Beer Cup. This quaint looking beer is very strong. Consider yourself warned. Yes, this German style bock is golden and bright, not dark. Mai means May and well, Bock means goat, but that's another story. May means Spring and after a long winter of drinking dark beers, Germans were ready for a bright golden beer to celebrate spring. And that's where babies come from.

Zwickel Maibock

Served unfiltered with natural carbonation.  No inappropriate zwickeling allowed!   

Little Red Corvette

American Style Amber/Red Ale

So here’s to you, Corvette Guy!   Have you been feeling a little inadequate lately?  Maybe there is more hair in your hairbrush than on top of your head?  Performance down?  Fear not, nothing puts away the pains inflicted by Father Time like a shiny Corvette.  Long has the Corvette reigned supreme as the great compensator. Guaranteed to make you look and feel younger!   It’s the ultimate solution for the mid-life crisis.  Sleek body styling with eye popping paint jobs, don’t worry, she’s looking!  Couple that with the throaty roar of the engine and you’ll be back at the front of the pack! 

Drop that top and hit the open road, just don’t forget your hat! 

So cash in your 401(k) and buy that Corvette you’ve always wanted. Helping average men score since 1953.  

Nitro Little Red Corvette

♫Love’em and leave’em fast♫

Fizzy Yellow Brut IPL

The Champagne of beer! This new twist on IPA is all the rage these days. We brew the beer to be bone dry, leaving the body super light and wispy. Profuse dry-hopping, with Mosaic hops, creates a wonderful citrusy hop aroma. It tickles my nose.

Holy Grail Pale Ale

American Style Pale Ale. 

Smooth malt character with warm toasty notes.  The color is like a Kansas sunset.  Snappy American hops throughout.

Big hop nose with a clean finish.

Top Gun IPA

San Diego Style IPA! On a trip to San Diego we had several opportunities to soak up the local beer scene. San Diego area brewers and their aggressively hopped beers have made the West Coast style of brewing famous. This IPA employs indecent amounts of Amarillo & Simcoe hops. We named this brew after the TOP GUN fighter pilot school. Stay Classy San Diego!

Tiger Bite IPA

Midwest Style India Pale Ale. 

How did IPA come about?  Well, this big brother to pale ale happened out of necessity.  The long ship voyage from England to India was brutal on the Brit’s Pale Ales.  They bumped up the hops and alcohol knowing that they were natural preservatives.  Once the troops returned home it was India Pale Ale they preferred. 

Michigan Hopmonger

Pale Lager beer brewed in the California Common beer style. We thought a California Common beer would be a great place to showcase hops from our Michigan Hopmonger, Hop Head Farms. Into the boiling kettle we pitched Michigan grown Cascade, Chinook, and Zuper Saazer hops. Snappy!

Tiger Paw Porter

An English Style Robust Porter. 

Black with ruby highlights.  Soft roast notes up front with a chocolate finish.  Medium bodied, not too heavy. 

Moderate hops to balance.  Don’t be afraid of the dark!

Java Porter

Our award winning coffee beer! We brew this robust style Porter with coffee we roast at the Brewery. The roasted coffee
compliments the dark roasted malts we use in this brew. English malts and hops round out the balance. Mmm, the perfect breakfast beer.

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