Through the Pandemic we are taking every step we can to insure everyone is safe.


At the Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant keeping our customers and employees safe is our top priority.  We are taking many steps to make that happen.  From food safety, to health and hygiene, to cleaning and sanitation - We Are On It!


  1. We have removed every other table to create physical distancing.

  2. We have always had cleaning practices that go above and beyond.  Now we have ramped them up even more.

  3. All surfaces that customers and employees touch are cleaned and sanitized many times each day.  This includes door handles, doors and door frames, bar and counter, all surfaces in restrooms, hand rails, menus, check presenters, salt & pepper shakers, and everything we can think of.

  4. Every table is cleaned with detergent sanitizer between customers.

  5. All chairs, including backs and arms, are wiped down with sanitizer between customers.

  6. Our dish and glass washing machines have multiple cycles with VERY hot water, detergent, PLUS sanitizer.

  7. Our kitchen staff wear gloves at all times and change them often.

  8. All our staff members wear masks all the time.

  9. All guests are asked to wear masks at all times unless seated at a table and eating or drinking.

  10. We have eight hand sanitizer stations available for your convenience.

  11. All employees wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after cleaning anything, between customers, after touching their face or hair, at least every hour.  We have eight hand-washing stations with soap and paper towels.

  12. We take the temperature of every staff member every day and send them home if it is high.

  13. We evaluate every employee every day and send them home if they have any symptoms.

  14. We ask staff members to stay home if they have any symptoms.


We’re doing everything in our power to provide a safe experience.  Come to the Blind Tiger Brewery for great beer and delicious food.  Thank you for your patronage.