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Blind Tiger Sponsors Sumatran Tigers


The Blind Tiger Brewery is proud to be the sponsor of the Sumatran Tigers at the Topeka Zoo.  It works like this.  Every time a Blind Tiger customer orders a Tiger Bite IPA some of the money goes to support the Sumatran Tigers at the Topeka Zoo.


            25¢ for each pint and half-pint of Tiger Bite IPA sold

            40¢ for each squealer fill of Tiger Bite IPA sold

            60¢ for each growler fill of Tiger Bite IPA sold


Every month we write a check to the Topeka Zoo which goes to the Tiger Conservation Campaign.  This amounts to several thousand dollars per year.  The picture of the tiger on our coasters is Jenga the mama tiger at the Topeka zoo.  She has a very expressive face.  We appreciate our customers helping us support the conservation of these wonderful Sumatran Tigers.



What Is a Sumatran Tiger?


This tiger species comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.  Their habitat is disappearing because of increased farming and development on that island.  There is thought to be less than 500 of them left in the wild, and under a thousand of them in captivity.


As with many other species of tigers, a huge problem is that with low numbers remaining the genetic prospects aren’t very good.  Too many of the tigers out there are related or have genes that are closely related to each other.  This is why they continue to do DNA testing before Sumatran Tigers are allowed to mate in captivity.  When the genes are too closely related it can result in offspring that aren’t healthy, that have physical problems, or that are too weak to survive in their natural environment.


The Topeka Zoo is a member of the Tiger Conservation Campaign, which is the organization in North America which conserves the species by gene testing and selected breeding to maintain the species.  Our zoo had been a remarkable success in this area.  In 2014 a litter of three female cubs was born at the Topeka Zoo.  Those animals are not cubs anymore in that they now weigh over 200 pounds each with massive strength, and needle sharp teeth and claws!  Soon these three young tigers will be transferred to another zoo to move the breeding program forward.


The Sumatran Tigers are the smallest species of tiger.  The stripes on the Sumatran Tiger are closer together than those found on any other species.  This is due to the fact that their natural habitat is full of high grass and these close stripes allow them to easily blend in.  This species of tiger also has more hair on the face and around the neck area than other species.


Tigers live about 20 years.  The Topeka zoo currently has one male adult tiger, one female adult tiger, and the three "cubs" mentioned above.  Tiger cubs normally remain under the care of their mother for 18 months to two years.  So, it is getting to be time to ship out the "cubs."  After that the Topeka Zoo will continue the breeding program and work toward another litter.

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